Getting started


Here is the mailing list for every request or problem on fusion :

Account creation requirements

Account creation is open to Researchers, Phd Student and Engineers from CentraleSupelec and ENS Paris-Saclay.

Researchers can also require an account for M2 Students. Here are the requirement for students accounts creation :

  1. The researcher must vouch for the student and be is project referee. Mésocentre support team only deals with the project referee for problems and software installation.
  2. The student must have a linux basic level to use fusion properly. No linux training is provided by the Mésocentre support team.
  3. The researcher and the student must request a meeting with 2 members of the Mésocentre support team before actually creating the account. This meeting is meant to verify the two previous conditions and discuss the project needs on fusion (software, resources).

Account creation

To create an account, you need to fill the following form and transmit it to an administrator of the mesocenter. Your account must be linked to a existing project.

Account creation form : DOCX, ODT, PDF

If you want to submit a project, you need to fill this form describing scientific context, computing resources you need and applications your project is aiming. You will need the signature of your lab referee to submit a project.

Project creation form : DOCX, ODT, PDF

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